Different type of Painting to decorate your Walls

What is painting? Well as you choose to be a painter as a profession, the first thing you need to be conscious about is to know the basic types of paint available in the world. 

As we talk about the term painting, it is all about a splash or combination of different colors applied through the brush. This whole art of painting is basically to bring out your mind creativity and artistic concepts to amplify it on the wall. 

You can do painting on any type of surface which can be digital or it can be manual as well. Some of the people even choose to do painting with the help of brushes but that is merely the beginner level. There are various kinds of painting materials such as paper, clay, sand, and so on. 

In short, painting is a wide world where you can expose your creative mind and artistic nature with the help of colors. 

Right through this guide, we will help you to know about a few basic types of painting which you can do on your wall. 

Let’s have a look!

Oil painting

The first one is an oil painting which is quite difficult to do for beginners. It is classified into various styles. Through this painting style, you get a chance to work with some smooth paint textures and add a wonderful scent to your whole artwork. 

If you want to do oil painting, you would need drying oil as a binder to pigment, to add your whole paint with the buttery feel. Few common drying oils are poppy seed oil, walnut oil, or linseed oil. This painting style was firstly introduced by Indian & Chinese artists in the 5th century. But it grew to be extremely popular in the 15th century. 

Watercolor painting

Next, we have a watercolor painting! This painting is done on a piece of paper. It is quite a common style of painting which is done with the help of brushes. But it is equally a tough task like oil painting because you need to be experienced enough to mix and match colors in the water. 

Pastel painting

This has been another one of the common types of painting that is done with the help of pastel sticks. With the help of sticks, you can perform the drawing and entire coloring like a professional expert. These pastel sticks are available in powder form which can even be bound together by using a binding agent. They are also ready-made.

To get deep and pure colors, it is best to use some pastel sticks. You can easily do this painting on the canvas to add some awesome layers with the pastels. 

Acrylic painting

When we talk about faster drying painting, then we always highlight the name of acrylic painting. These are water-soluble paint because once the art of painting is complete; it turns into a state of water resistance. This is quite interesting! 

For beginners, choosing acrylic paints will help them to learn the basics of artwork. This style of painting is very much common in sculptures or molding paint. You can also wash them away easily with water. 

Digital painting

How can we miss mentioning digital painting! This is a creative painting style which you can do with the help of a computer. It is quite a lot similar to oil painting, or watercolor painting art. In this painting style, you will be able to have access to the various instruments or textures available on the system. It is easy to do this art in the comfort of your home!

Sand painting

It might be messy, but at the same time, it is such an awesome artist to do painting on the sand. You can also capture it on your video with speed motion but this is a temporary art. This art is done with the help of minimal light but you have to keep a focus light under the table where you are creating the sand painting. 

Plus, this painting can also be created with the help of colored sands which are moved all over the fixed surface by the use of hands. In India, this painting is known as rangoli or kolam. 

Texture painting – Texture to Paint

It is always a dramatic effect to catch the strokes of the brush on the paint. You can easily catch this dramatic effect through textured painting. This painting style is done through oil paints where you have to work with acrylic paints. But as the acrylic dries up, the whole effect will be lost. Oil paints can be a little costly for you, so it is better to opt for acrylic impasto which will look amazing on textures. 

Matte painting

Have you ever thought about what beautiful landscapes are made out of? Well, they are all finished with the help of matte painting which is an extremely popular painting style. It is commonly used in video games or film animation. In films, you might have witnessed the use of matte painting to add realistic effects over some locations such as to create sci-fi or fairytale effects. Matte paintings are used as a background screen and later on, it gets merged with the rest of the footage. 


So, this was all about a few of the most popular painting types which you can do to decorate your walls. No doubt every single style of painting is unique and different from each other to bring creativity and artistic set-up on the wall. 

Which one of these styles is your favorite one?

Top Painting Artist in Pakistan

Pakistan is one such country which is filled with beauty, cultural people and nature. But at the same time, this country has been blessed with people who belong to various fields and sectors in which the field of artists is the most talked-about one. In this field, we have painters and calligraphers who have always got massive appreciation and deserving repute in this field.

As you will search around, you will find various artists in Pakistan who belong to the field of painting and calligraphy. We have few reputable names of Sadequain, as well as Abdul Rehman Chughtai, or Wahab Jaffer and so many more. 

Right here we have a list of top famous painting artists in Pakistan whom you   should know about:

Zones Of Dreams by Salima Hashmi:

First, we have Salima Hashmi who is one of the top famous Pakistani painters, cultural writers, and artists. She is the daughter of the famous poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. In the year 1999, she was honored with the award of Pride of Performance due to her hard work and passion for the painting. A few of her famous painting art pieces are Rain 1, Rain 2, The Long Wait, as well as Poem for Zainab, Ancient Gods & Zones of Dreams.

Figurative by Wahab Jaffer:

Next, we have Wahab Jaffer who is a well-known businessman by profession. He has earned huge fame in the field of painting and as an artist in Pakistan. Most of his art pieces are added up with the concept of figurative behind all of his art pieces.

Fantasy Art by Ustad Allah Bux:

Ustad Allah Bux is another top famous and well-known painter artist in Pakistan. All of his art pieces are depicting the lifestyle of the rural life of Pakistan along with the folk culture. But the best thing about his paintings is that all of them are filled with colors and life. 

Forest by Mian Ijaz Ul Hassan:

Mian Ijaz Ul Hassan is a well-known writer, painter, and teacher. He has been very much known to add the feel of beauty in his paintings. In the year 1999, he was honored with the award of Pride of Performance due to his hard work and passion for the painting. His paintings are a true depiction of showing the nature and beauty of Pakistan. One of his famous art pieces is forest art which is describing the change of weather in the forest. 

Social-Political Theme by Abdul Rahim Nagori:

Abdul Rahim Nagori is a Pakistani painter who is regarded for social-political themes. He was once awarded the Pride of Performance award in 2010. He did many exhibitions and obtained constant success. His all artwork is well-known however this painting is so much famous due to the fact of its idea. It displays how the political troubles run with the government. This artwork is well-known all over Pakistan.

Abstract with Red and White by way of Ahmed Parvez:

Ahmed Parvez is a Pakistani painter and artist who obtained global consciousness in a very brief period. He exhibited his portray all over Pakistan and received continual success. His well-known portray labels are London Move, The Image Maker, Theme Revisited, Abstract With Red and White, Abstract Forms, and many more. This art piece is additionally from the Abstract With crimson and White. This painting is well-known in Pakistan due to the fact of its colors and life.

Evening by way of Zubeida Agha:

Zubeida Agha is a very well-known Pakistani painter. He used to be the first painter in Pakistan who exhibited her painting. She acquired the Pride of overall performance award in 1965. She acquired so much success in a very quick time length and acknowledged as a colorist. Her artwork is well-known for its existence and colors. This nighttime painting is well-known in Pakistan for its colors.

Mughal Theme by way of Ustad Haji Muhammad Sharif:

Ustad Haji Muhammad Sharif is a very reputed and nicely-recognized painter and artist of Pakistan. His artwork is no longer just well-known in our United States of America however additionally worldwide. He used to be the top-listed miniature painter of his time however nevertheless his artwork is well-known in Pakistan. His art pieces depict the Mughal art, way of life of Sikh and Mughal themes. In this artwork, you will additionally see the rural time of the Mughals.

Treasure of Time through Sadequain:

Sadequain is the all-time well-known painter and artist of Pakistan. His title is nevertheless well-known in this area due to the fact of his artworks. He was once awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Sitara-e-Imtiaz, and Pride of Performances. His artwork is nonetheless on the top due to the fact of colors, lifestyles, and ideas. 

His artwork works are Treasure of Time, Two Sisters, Iqbal, Surah-e-Rehman, and more. This painting by Sadequain is nonetheless well-known and stays at the top of the listing of well-known artwork of Pakistan due to the fact of its designs and idea of the mural.